Please be advised that Matson has advised status on several vessels: RJ PFEIFFER v426 (departed LGB Nov 03) and MOKIHANA v358 (departed LGB Nov 04) - We previously posted that the Pfeiffer was delayed due to weather out of Asia and then had a mechanical problem before it departed Long Beach. This has resulted in both vessels arriving in Honolulu on the same day, Wednesday, Nov 08. Matson will put all resources onto discharging the RJ Pfeiffer first, and they will start moving resources to the Mokihana upon its arrival. Highest priority will be given to getting the RJP back on schedule. We also expect delivery delays for neighbor island shipments due to volume and capacity issues. MANUKAI v183W (scheduled to depart LGB Nov 09) - Matson has advised that the Manukai experienced severe weather and departure from Long Beach will be delayed to Thursday Nov 09, delaying arrival into Honolulu Monday Nov 13 so expect delivery delays. We appreciate your understanding of the impact that winter weather brings to vessel schedules. We will provide further updates as known.