Limitations on Released Value or Insurance

Aloha Freight Forwarders is not insured to handle shipments of high value, such as (but not limited to) artwork, statues, coins, collectibles, etc.

The absolute maximum value allowed when cargo is in Aloha Freight possession is $20.00 per pound.

The following is a list of specific commodities and restrictions. This list contains the more common types of shipments. If you are shipping something of high value, there may be other restrictions and you should contact your nearest office or account manager for information.

Personal Effect shipments are deemed to be used and carrier is not aware of their actual condition within the packaging or the manner in which they are packed. Loss or damage is limited to $0.10 per pound.

Glass or slab (stone, granite, glass, etc) shipments are limited to $0.50 per pound. Please take note of minimum packaging requirements on our FAQ page here.

Used Product – Anything you are shipping that is used such as items purchased on eBay, Craigslist, or used motors/engines, etc. has a maximum value of $0.10 per pound.

New furniture is packaged from the manufacturer. It should be well protected, in boxes or crates, and clearly marked with any orientation requirements. Bagged furniture must be double wrapped with plastic sheet and cardboard protectors on corners at a minimum. Our liability on new furniture is limited to $5.00 per pound. Used furniture is considered the same as personal effects, noted above.

HVAC commodities are limited to $5.00 per pound.

Shipments moving on a carrier’s bill other than Aloha Freight Forwarders are subject to that carrier’s maximum value, in no case greater than $10.00 per pound unless agreed to in writing.

If insurance is required for freight above Aloha Freight Forwarders or a partner carrier’s maximum covered value, we suggest that you obtain your own insurance. There are many third party insurance companies that can do this. Aloha Freight will offer excess coverage for specific commodities, please inquire.

Please understand that properly packaging your freight for shipment over land and via ocean is critical to ensure that it reaches its destination undamaged. Generally, freight packaging must protect against mechanical shock, vibration, abrasion, compression, temperature, relative humidity, and water. Packaging plays a significant role if there is a claim for damage. One independent resource for minimum packaging requirements is the NMFC. The NMFC specifies minimum packaging requirements to ensure that goods are adequately protected and can be handled and stowed in a manner that is reasonably safe and practical. Will the packaging requirements as specified in the NMFC eliminate all damage? No, it will not. The rules specified however are generally accepted excellent and reasonable guides to minimize risk of damage and assess responsibility. Aloha Freight Forwarders is a freight handler. We are not a moving company and do not offer blanket wrap service. All product will be loaded in containers with other material packed in crates, skids, cartons, etc. Your product must be protected and packed appropriately.

Additional information regarding our Terms when shipping with Aloha Freight Forwarders can be found on page two of our Bill of Lading, or click here to read the terms and conditions.